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my finds: starter homes (3 Jan)

January 3rd, 2006 by daysies

i’ve decided to expand my list o’ finds - to include lots. since i’m starting over (again) with a particular neighborhood, i thought it would be wise to fill it up with starter homes. i’ve always preferred starter homes over anything bigger than that due to playability (size and custom content). also, with starter homes (on small lots), you are limited to what you can put inside so it’ll teach you not to go overboard with furnishings.

even though i play with starter homes, it doesn’t mean i won’t download those monsterous ones. i’ve downloaded lots (typically replicas of real buildings) that occupy the largest lot size for pure aesthetics (i.e. neighborhood decor). with Nightlife, you can see your neighbors, so why not put Stonehenge, The Rialto, or The Eiffel Tower next door.

anyway, i have a mini-project in the works (that i just blogged about) and i’m planning on using these starter homes in a clean neighborhood. i plan on filling them up with 1 or 2 Sims each. i can’t wait to get that started, but first, i need to make (or collect) all the Sims that i will be using. then i have to go through all my gigs of downloads to figure out what content to use. it’s going to be a huge project, overall, but i think it’ll be worth it in the long run… or at least until Open for Business comes out.

to kick start this list, i’m going to highlight creators first… because all their stuff is good… not just one or two lots. then as they make more, i’ll just highlight the newest stuff and you’ll see who i favor the most.

Plasticbox - since joining MTS2 in October, she has shared well over 60 starter homes. each one is extremely easy to play. her lots range from under $20K to $30K.
JohnnyJohnson - i absolutely love his black & white homes. they’re just so cute that i couldn’t resist featuring one of them. i wanted to feature them all, but we have to give everyone else some time in the spotlight, too.
tkdjunkie - she has quite a handful of starter homes in her profile. look for the homes on “Budget Lane.”
Timin2101 - scroll thru his profile to the very beginning and you’ll see all the 2×2 lot starter homes he has shared on MTS2

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  1. Aaliyah Says:

    Thank you for recommending these, some of them I plan to use in my game.  The black starter houses aren’t compatible with my extensions, but I found some other nice stuff from that designer.

    Thanks again,

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