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my finds: body shop (5 Jan)

January 5th, 2006 by daysies

so yesterday, i had a revelation.  to start using realistic skintones for my Sims.  no, i won’t get those anatomically correct ones (sorry - this is a game, folks!  i don’t want to see *that* in there) and i won’t get those that are extremely detailed (i.e. shading, age spots, wrinkles, etc).  my Sims don’t walk around nekkid, except when they’ve gotten in/out of the shower so seeing all that *stuff* isn’t all that important to me.

so the revelation came to me when i was looking at a self-sim that a fellow staff member made for me.  i switched from that skintone to the Maxis ones and boy, what a difference!  it just added that little bit of realism to “me” and so i started my hunt for realistic skintones and genetics, overall.  i’ve already been downloading a ton of realistic eyes ever since Helaene started to post them on MTS2, so i decided to expand my search of custom content to include skintones.

one reason why i downloaded so very few skintones was because of their file size.  they can be extremely HUGE!  when they’re packed with Sims, the total .sims2pack file size can get up to 6, 7 or 8 MB.  it’s crazy.  of course, since i never share my creations, why would it matter, right?  hehe.  it’s also just laziness on my part.  but i have collected a few since i’m a sucker for celebrities who have been Simmified.

anyway, i started a list of creators who i believe make the best realistic skintones… or at least the type of skintones that i will be using with my Sims.  when they release new skintones or eyes (i lovelovelove realistic eyes, too!) i’ll be linking to their newest creations, too:

helaene (her site)
exnem (eyes only)
revoye (not the super/ultra shiny ones)
helaene (her site)


other sites:
eye candy
Sim Cribbling
SIMply elau
Sims Connection

what you won’t find me linking to are creators who make clothes and make up.  there is just simply way too many places to find those things.  besides, if i like a particular creator, i usually get everything else they make since it’s of the same quality and style.  so just keep that in mind, too, if you use my list as a guide to find what you’re looking for.

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