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more pics from Open for Business

January 16th, 2006 by daysies

i’m just now catching up on Sims 2 stuff (after being away all weekend) and i saw pics from Tim LeTourneau’s visit to Germany.  check them out here.  we get conical roofs in O4B!!!  woohoo!!!

omg, there’s just so many things coming out right now, so check back with Snooty Sims with the latest news.  that site is my source for everything.  i’m going to be reading Gamespy’s Simprentice to keep me entertained until the EP comeso ut.  i can’t wait!!!  i want to run my own business!!!

oh, speaking of… we get a new neighborhood (a shopping district) with O4B.  it’s called Bluewater Village.  i wonder if, like Downtown, you can place residential lots amongst the shops.  i hope so!  i want to be able to live where i work.  University was unique in that only Young Adults could live there.  i want to be able to play one single neighborhood with all expansion packs (minus University).

edited to add:
here’s another detailed recap, and yes, you can live in the shopping district, too.  maybe i’ll wait until O4B comes out before i start my little side project.  decisions, decisions!  maybe i should stick with starting out with an empty neighborhood and just be done with it.

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