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my Seasons hack request list

March 14th, 2007 by daysies

i’ve been playing Seasons so much lately that there’s a lot of little things that annoy me (just the time involved in getting things accomplished) that i have a list of hack requests… this list appeared in a previous entry, but i decided to keep track of it in its own entry… for follow up and stuff like that.

* “talk to” plants or trees is autonomous
with TwoJeffs’ “perfect gardens” hack (in beta), he has a new version that allows trees to “thrive” at any stage.  so you no longer have to wait to get a gold badge in gardening to “talk to” the trees.  with this hack, you don’t have to talk to them at all.  you will still get bugs, but that’s by design… it’s so you can still spray to your heart’s content and turn into a PlantSim.  (there are hacks now that will allow you to turn into a PlantSim or turn others into PlantSims without having to spray 100+ times)

* “harvest” plants or trees is autonomous (and they do it right when they can be harvested… because fresh fruit/veggies are only available for 3 days)
Carrigon’s “harvest hack” will allow you to harvest your plants or trees at anytime.  plants can be harvested at anytime, but trees can’t be harvested in Winter (they’re normally “dormant” at that time) but she’s working on trying to figure that out.  in the meantime, plant, then harvest, and stock up before Winter hits your neighborhood.  do what the bears do.  ;)

[update 3/14] Carrigon now has a “harvest hack” that will allow you to harvest your plants and trees all year long.  same thread.  just get the one that ends in “allyear.”

* grab from leftovers first, if they’re available in the fridge.  it doesn’t matter to me which dish they get, if there is more than one.
this will probably take some time to code… but i know a lot of people are wanting this.

[update 4/6] OMG!!!  Dizzy was able to make this happen.  download this hack now!  it works!

* i would like to be able to make juice based on what’s in my inventory, not what’s been stocked in the juice maker.  stocking the juice maker takes a bunch of clicks and the juice maker can only hold up to 48 items
JFade made a “juicer tweaks” hack that increases the stock amount to 300 and you can see what the recipes are of each type of juice.  i would still like to check against the inventory so i don’t have to move the items to the juicer.

[update 4/1] Carrigon cloned the juicer and hacked it so that you can make any juice without having inventory at all.  i have this in-game, but i haven’t used it yet.  if you’re a lazy gardener, download the hack now.  (you must be registered/logged in to download this.)

* make/drink hot cocoa is non-autonomous
i want to be able to direct my Sims to make/drink hot cocoa

[update 3/28] Squinge finally made a hack to squash this annoyance.  get it here.

* puddle jumping/splashing is non-autonomous
once your Sims find a puddle, they will jump and splash in it forever!
Monique has a non-autonomous splash in a puddle hack where if your fun is > 50, you won’t autonomously splash.

* harvest more fruit from trees
you see so many juicy apples, oranges, and lemons on your orchard trees, but regardless if they’re thriving, you still get a piddly amount when you harvest them.  i want more, more, more!

[update 3/31] Monique fulfilled my request here!  while i love my gardens, it takes so long for them to garden as it is.  now i can have small gardens and yield lots of goodies!  thanks, Monique!

* composting leaves - get the closest pile of leaves (when gathering compostable material) stupid!
this routine would be similar to Paladin’s “get the closest plate stupid!” hack.  when i select a specific compost bin, i want my Sims to grab all the piles of leaves closest to it.  they’ll walk miles to pick up another pile of leaves and stick them in the compost bin closest to that, but they’ll never finish up the task of composting the leaves closest to the bin of my choice.

[update 3/27] Monique just released a hack to fix this annoyance!  yay!

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9 Responses

  1. Suzann Says:

    is there something to make the sims temp normal at all times?

  2. daysies Says:

    i have not found any hack that regulates their temperature.  i have just found hacks that prevent them from spontaneously combusting or freezing to death.

  3. lucy Says:

    i want something that makes you be able to buy all the crops you can grow in your garden

  4. Rob Says:

    Thank you for the links helped me out so so so so much :)!!!
    Very useful thanks again :)

  5. NoBody Says:

    Is there any cheats that make normal sims turn into plantsims?

  6. daysies Says:

    Go here and search for plantsims:

    I highly recommend you bookmark that page.

  7. nutso Says:

    I cant seem to find a mood hack for seasons. There’s a mood hack for Sims2 but it doesn’t work with seasons.

  8. Josy Says:

    The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you

    Why every time I try download something it’s apear.

  9. daysies Says:

    sorry, that’s not my site!  looks like you have to be logged in (as a member) to see the threads.  they must’ve changed that recently.  plus, i have no downloads on this blog.  i just link to other sites that have downloads.

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