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    finally upgraded from 2.6 to 2.6.2... quick & painless!

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    took a few refreshes, but it worked w/o a hitch!

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H&M Fashion Stuff pack site

June 5th, 2007 by daysies

check this out.  there are themes you can submit your content for… click on Design Kits and you can download premade templates (i’m guessing) to recolor.  i wonder if they’re new meshes…

have you snagged H&M Fashion Stuff pack yet?  i haven’t been in a playing mood lately, so i’ll probably get it in the next couple weeks.  i’ve been pretty lazy with downloading, too.  i think i’m in that mid-EP hump… where i’ve lost interest until the next EP comes along.

this looks to be a cool news site to bookmark.  click here.  that’s where i got the link to the H&MFS (or will it be nicknamed HMFS?) site.  Snooty recommended it (since he seems to be having bandwidth issues lately).

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