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My Sims for PC

July 7th, 2008 by daysies

my Sims 2 updates are coming in fewer and fewer nowadays.  i guess you don’t need to hear it again from me that i’ve lost interest.  but i still keep buying the expansion packs and stuff packs!  i’m a collector… and it’s hard to kick the habit.  LOL  i was checking Infinite Sims and saw their latest article on My Sims for PC.  i have My Sims for NDS and Wii, but i found it very hard to play.  maybe it’s because i’m old and my eyes can’t take it anymore (NDS) or that my arm starts hurting after maneuvering the Wiimote to pick up stuff and drop stuff and build stuff (Wii).  i’m more of a PC/Mac girl so i’d rather play it on my desktop.  i’m waiting to try out My Sims when it comes out next year for the PC.

what caught my eye is this little blurb from the EA Games press release:

Now on the PC with new online features and characters! Have fun with friends safely in a shared online game space and discover surprises and wonders in your newly created town with the MySims you love and a new cast of characters! Now in MySims, made for the PC, you can find all the fun of the first game plus new online features and all-new characters to spark your creativity. Safely chat, interact and play games like Tag and Hide-and-Seek with your online buddies. Construct buildings and create objects to use cooperatively with up to seven friends that are online with you. Like trading cards, share your creations with your friends in-game, as well as outside the game via email or instant message so that others can enjoy them in their own MySims town. The choice to play online is yours, so you can decide to play as a single-player or expand your experience by playing with friends in an online neighborhood.

i’ve always wanted something like this!  to be able to use my self-Sim and interact with others, share objects, play in each others’ houses, etc.  i wonder what kind of online neighborhood we get.  is it just like a virtual chat, where we are in one room and we just talk thru talk bubbles?  i’ve never played The Sims Online, but i’ve watched how it’s done on Second Life.  i’ve also played on MMOs like Ryzom where you chat with other players (in a chat screen) but we always end up chatting on MSN and your characters can interact with one another.  i wonder if that’s how it’s going to be like because that would be so much fun.  plus, i like the “chibi” look of My Sims.  i think they’re cute!

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