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  • upgraded to 2.6.2

    finally upgraded from 2.6 to 2.6.2... quick & painless!

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  • upgraded to WP 2.6!

    took a few refreshes, but it worked w/o a hitch!

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  • updated to WP 2.5.1

    just a note to say i've updated to WP 2.5.1.

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i have SPORE

September 16th, 2008 by daysies

i’ve been playing SPORE since Sunday and i love it! OMG, what another time suck! it reminds me of those days when The Sims 2 first came out *gasp* 4 YEARS ago and i couldn’t stop gawking at the new graphics and everything. well, SPORE has done me good again. thanks to my wonderful husband who had been playing SPORE for a few days before i decided to install it, he walked me through the cellular phase and some of the creature phase and taught me everything i needed to know. he recommended that i start off on EASY and as an herbivore as i test the waters. i died 5 times in the cellular phase because i freaked out when a bigger cell started to eat me. LOL once i got the hang of it, i was able to move forward to the creature phase and i was able to friend every creature except 1 that i could not find and unlock all the body parts that i could use on my herbivore. i haven’t moved onto the tribal phase just yet because i’m determined to figure out how to friend that last creature.

i took a break from that creature and started this new creature out as an herbivore, too… in the end, my creature ended up as an omnivore (eat meat & fruit). getting an omnivore is HARD. you have to balance out the amount of plants and kill a lot of other cells to end up as an omnivore. what i did was eat a lot of plants  so i could get some DNA points and then after my 2nd to last growth spurt, i started killing other cells. i saved before i got my land legs because you don’t know if you’re still an herbivore or an omnivore yet. i was an herbivore twice after that and so i just kept reloading my game (after my last save) and killed more cells. i think at last count, i killed 50 cells in a row. i saved again & when i got my land legs, i was finally an omnivore. i wanted this creature to become an omnivore because i wanted to see different things. so far i like it! i can still continue eating fruit or i can eat carcasses from fresh kill. LOL

Tom says that a carnivore is HARD to maintain because you have to kill for food. so you have to build up your health score so you don’t have to keep dying. but in SPORE, you don’t have to worry about your lives. you have unlimited lives. you can keep on dying and you will keep on being reborn at your nest. it just gets annoying after a while as you don’t want to keep on dying and have to kill the same creature over and over (if you so choose). i don’t think i’ll venture off into carnivore land anytime soon. i’m having fun with my omnivore creature. i want that BFF award (if you make allies with 20 other creatures).

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