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please don't e-mail me/leave me comments about problems you have with MTS2 or problems you have with the Sims 2 game. comments are moderated. if you have a questions about either one, please post it in the appropriate forum. there's tons of information on MTS2 that can help you get through your problems. thanks.

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  • upgraded to 2.6.2

    finally upgraded from 2.6 to 2.6.2... quick & painless!

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  • upgraded to WP 2.6!

    took a few refreshes, but it worked w/o a hitch!

    [07.15.08] #
  • updated to WP 2.5.1

    just a note to say i've updated to WP 2.5.1.

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about this blog

September 29th, 2005 by daysies

as most of you know, i co-admin a very large Sims 2 fansite.  therefore, i spend almost all my time there.  so when i blog about my finds, at least 99% of them come from there.  i do surf quite a lot of other sites, too (being a self-proclaimed downloadaholic).  click on Sims 2 links (under pages) and that’s most of them.

#1 rule to observe:
comment moderation has been activated.  i don’t want game questions trickling in here.  i support Sims 2 questions on Mod the Sims 2 only.  i don’t want to have to maintain 2 sites of questions.  so please be courteous and post your questions on MTS2 (please don’t PM me there either with game questions).  it’s free, after all.  (plus, i don’t want spam.)

this is my personal Sims 2 blog.  my thoughts do not reflect those on staff on MTS2.

my old Sims 2 blog is here.  here are some categories that you might be interested in:

objects & meshes - my finds
hacks & mods - pre-Nightlife
official stuff - official Maxis news
tools - user-made tools