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please don't e-mail me/leave me comments about problems you have with MTS2 or problems you have with the Sims 2 game. comments are moderated. if you have a questions about either one, please post it in the appropriate forum. there's tons of information on MTS2 that can help you get through your problems. thanks.

a little bit of this

  • upgraded to 2.6.2

    finally upgraded from 2.6 to 2.6.2... quick & painless!

    [09.09.08] #
  • upgraded to WP 2.6!

    took a few refreshes, but it worked w/o a hitch!

    [07.15.08] #
  • updated to WP 2.5.1

    just a note to say i've updated to WP 2.5.1.

    [04.25.08] #

i got Glamour Life Stuff

yep, it’s in my pretty little hands.  i installed it, registered it (tho my icon isn’t showing up in my Simpage), and i looked at all the new stuff.  actually, i spent the time remaking myself and my Sim hubby (who is actually Orlando Bloom) so i could look at all the stuff i’ve downloaded.  i finally have about 2 GB of downloads from just a handful of creators, even though i have gigs of other downloads from a bajillion other creators because i can’t part with those and they’re too cute to not have!  cuz you know… you’ll need them… eventually!

i’m still on a Sims 2 celibacy until Pets comes out.  dammit!  i want to be able to remake my dog and then my family will be complete.  i guess i should replace my Sim hubby with my real hubby… but hey, this is just a game.  why can’t i live out my fantasies?  heehee!

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Family Fun Stuff patch

it only fixes 2 things (and i thought there was so much more)… download it here.

Complete list of changes:
- Family Fun Stuff clothing assets will no longer disappear after creating a Sim with them in Create-a-Sim.
- Fixed object error that occurred when both the helicopter and nanny car arrived on family lot at the same time.

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new OFB hack: OFB locked tiles fix

this was a HUGE annoyance when OFB came out… where you couldn’t put objects on sidewalks, streets, or on the grass between the street and the sidewalk.  windkeeper has provided a fix!  download it here.

this hack conflicts with Numenor’s Custom objects placeable on OFB displays and shelves hack.  his hack has been updated to accomodate windkeeper’s mod.  so if you want these mods to work together, get Numenor’s hack.  otherwise, you can get windkeeper’s hack.  read the threads for more information.

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i got Family Fun Stuff

like a sheep, i bought Family Fun Stuff at Target today.  i know it’s not worth $19.99, but i didn’t want to be without it!  i won’t be able to install it anyway since i have no Sims 2 stuff with me… all packed away in storage!  BOOHOO!!!

edited to add:
after reading this (linked on Snooty Sims), i’m very skeptical about installing Family Fun.  now i have nothing really worth holding onto because i haven’t really played in forever, and maybe that’s why i haven’t had as many problems (or any at all) like most players.  still, this is a good thread to read.  bugs, bugs, and more bugs… since this “stuff pack” acts like an expansion pack, maybe it should’ve spent more time in Q&A before rushing it out to the stores.  maybe they need to start gathering some fans to test this stuff for them, too.

edited #2:
read this thread, too, and i think i’ll be putting Family Fun away until a patch is released… or i’ll just install it on my laptop where i have no custom content.

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Family Fun Stuff pack

hey, guys, have any of you gotten the Family Fun Stuff pack yet?  it’s out today!  the stuff’s cute in there, but for $19.99, i’m not sure it’s totally worth it… especially if we’re not getting any new interactions… or are we?  it’s kinda puzzling tho… you install Family Fun Stuff pack, you get a new icon and you have to use the CD to play.  doesn’t that kinda make it seem like it’s a new expansion pack?  Maxis calls these “stuff packs”.  it’s nothing like the Holiday Content pack.  i’ll probably hold off for a bit.  i can’t even play Sims 2 because all my stuff was packed away and sitting in storage.  doh!

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still more OfB hacks

i’ve never seen so many hacks produced by one modder before.  yay, for Squinge!  anyway, here’s more hacks from him and a few others that i think will make your game as bug-free and annoyance-free as possible:

object mods:
craftable items supplier - if you’re out of inventory, just call and place your order
“fairly paid” regulator - buy the sign and you can set your employees to be paid regularly in the “fairly paid” amount

global mods:
process Servo’s fix - stops visiting Servos from doing chores in your home
hand babies to anyone - with my lack of baby experience, i didn’t know you couldn’t just had the baby off to anyone… well, now you can
objects never break - objects like sinks, TVs, toilets, showers, tubs, etc., will never break.  i think i had a similar hack from TwoJeffs but it never got updated for OfB (i don’t recall)
don’t walk away from stove while cooking - this will prevent food from burning that’s for sure
no autonomous putting toys away - now you can keep the clutter
promote any employee to manager - you can now promote employees who posess no badges
safe woohoo in elevators - prevents elevators from breaking
no shop romance collection - there’s a long list of hacks to download here…  yeah, we don’t want people making out wherever they feel like it!  hehe
visitor-enabled dressers and mirrors - just another version of this
employees no quitting for low pay & no charging owner to work - there’s also a hack that prevents employees from quitting altogether
no autonomous juggling espresso cups - just another one of those ‘we’ve seen this enough’ type of hacks
no autonomous congratulate or tease - they’re separated in this thread

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new OfB hack: Servo change appearance package

now i linked to this in my previous post, but it might get lost in that post so i decided to post about it again on its own.

now you can change Servo’s appearance and make him/her look human.  pretty neat, huh?  also, in addition to that, your pregnant Sims can change their clothes, too.  the other pregnant Sim hack only affects pregnant Sims, not Servos, so you can only have one of these in your game at one time.  of course, i’d go for this hack since it’s serves a dual purpose.

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new OfB hack: pregnant Sims wear any outfit

i just had to highlight this hack separately… now your pregnant Sims can wear any outfit instead of the same old pregnant garb.  there was one hack that required you to use testing cheats (i think) and now you can use any clothing instead of downloading just those recolors.  Squinge rocks!

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more OfB hacks

i’m so tempted to play my game (when i finally get around to playing) without hacks, but i keeeeep getting drawn into putting in more hacks!  i’m so spoiled.  i just can’t play with all these annoying things.  anyway, here’s another batch o’ hacks for your pleasure:

(btw, there’s so many, but i’m only going to highlight the ones that i would use in my own game… otherwise, just click here for all MTS2 mods)

customers always stay after makeover - i didn’t know they always leave right away
no shop cell phone - prevents Sims from talking on their cell phones in shops; there’s 2 flavors - no answer when shop is open & never answer
no more ‘i’m too tired to come in right now’ - your tired workers will still come into work
community lot skilling - you can gain skill points anywhere now… this includes ALL Sims
no shop arguing - arguments tend to lead to fighting… there is no need for that
no shop mp3 & handheld - no using of those objects while shop is open
no shop socials collection - if you have any of the individual hacks, remove them before putting this one into play
no shop red hands
no shop pillow fights
community lot sleeping - one that allows sleeping when community shop is open; one that allows sleeping at all shops
no duplicate memories - there are also versions of this hack if you don’t have OfB
“twirl & wobble” toy for all ages - pic in thread shows Servo using it.  funny!
community lot aging - pretty neat hack, i think… however there’s a suggestion in there to age everyone on the residence lot when the Sim comes home… maybe one day we’ll finally get time synced up on all lots
adjust customer loyalty - this is a hacked wall hanging (star from Holiday Pack)
customers use grills - allows customers and visitors to use grills (might not be useful if you want to run a restaurant)
no shop punch u punch me - i hated this social ever since the game came out!
no autonomous hang out - stops Sims from hanging out when shop is open
no autonomous dance solo - stops dancing when shop is open; might not be useful if you are running a club
no shop dance together - only when shop is open; might not be useful if you are running a club
no shop makeouts - i don’t want to see that in my store!  LOL
no more dropping or washing cups/mugs - very odd to not have any cups laying around if you’re running a coffee shop, but hey, if they disappear, you have nothing to wash
move away from instruments - no more loitering around instruments when your Sims are done playing them
display aspiration score change - will stop resetting the aspiration and will display NPC wants & fears fulfilled
NPC makeovers - you can now use the salon chair with NPCs (i.e. vampire count in NL, matchmaker in NL, etc)
no more bad sale socials - you will always have a good sale, even when your Sims hate each other
move away from karaoke machine - no more loitering around the karaoke machine when your Sims are done
no autonomous playing in bathtubs
no more losing a friend message - one flavor stops the message; the other stops the message and the relationship decay
Servo change appearance package - Servo can now use mirrors, plastic surgery, and dressers to change appearance/outfit/plan outfit… in other words, you can make Servo look human
suggest outfit fix - the controlled Sim’s name will not show up in the list of names when suggesting an outfit
no staying in hottub all day - yah, i had forgotten they would stay in there forever
no autonous instrument playing - will be useful if you are running a club/concert and you don’t want other Sims getting on stage and playing the instruments
no autonomous poker - i’d get the one to prevent them from playing poker on home lots if you want them to play poker autonomously on community lots (especially if you’re running some sort of casino)
no more ‘who are you trying to call again?’ message - message is stopped when shop doesn’t have a manager
Dolphin’s Control-This-Sim Hack - now you can control individual Sims; good for businesses (see thread for explanations)
no shop kicky bag - couple flavors here, too
auto-employee motive refresh - it’s a hacked painting - buy it and put it in your shop, and when your shop is open, your employees stay refreshed the entire time

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Open for Business patch

the first Open for Business patch is out.  this will bring you to version  it’s probably a good thing i haven’t invested any time in OfB before this patch.  maybe i really need to play hack-free.  ugh, does this mean i have to retest all my hacks again?!?!  (or at least start to test them?)

the complete list of fixes is here: Read the rest of this entry »

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