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please don't e-mail me/leave me comments about problems you have with MTS2 or problems you have with the Sims 2 game. comments are moderated. if you have a questions about either one, please post it in the appropriate forum. there's tons of information on MTS2 that can help you get through your problems. thanks.

a little bit of this

  • upgraded to 2.6.2

    finally upgraded from 2.6 to 2.6.2... quick & painless!

    [09.09.08] #
  • upgraded to WP 2.6!

    took a few refreshes, but it worked w/o a hitch!

    [07.15.08] #
  • updated to WP 2.5.1

    just a note to say i've updated to WP 2.5.1.

    [04.25.08] #

H&M Fashion Stuff pack

it’s finally been officially announced here.  it’s going to be released on June 5th.  it looks like they have a pic of every single item in the pack!  i like the new clothing meshes, too.  i can’t wait for people to start recoloring them!  just a handful of buy/build mode objects, but tons of new clothes.  i’m definitely going to get this!

they also finally added the renders for Celebration Stuff here.

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are you going to buy Celebration Stuff?

there’s a lot of talk about how Celebration Stuff is not worth the price.  while painfully browsing the official BBS, a couple people have posted pics of the items you get in Celebration Stuff.  i like the new hairstyles, but that’s about it.  and i could do without the flowers in them, too.  take a look at it and maybe you can decide on whether or not you’re going to get it.  personally, if the stuff pack is going to be filled with objects, EA/Maxis should conducted a poll to see what the players want.  i mean, why not make what the players want to have?


also, in this thread, if you have patched Pets and Seasons, and then you install Celebration Stuff, you need the Pets (if that’s the last EP you installed) or Seasons (if that’s the last EP you installed) CD to play the game.  if you patched neither, you need to play with the Celebration Stuff pack CD.  there seems to be so much confusion (that’s why i hardly read the BBS threads because each day you get like 10 threads on the exact same thing - don’t people browse before asking?) with what CD to use.

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Celebration Stuff pack

just announced on the official site… upcoming Celebration Stuff pack… out April 3rd.  if you purchased Seasons, you would’ve already seen the teaser insert.  it’s just another pack filled with stuff.  and of course, i’m going to buy it.  i’ve been playing with more Maxis objects than custom since Seasons.  i love all the country kitchy stuff!  anyway, i just looked at the pics and will watch the video soon.  i want a stuff pack just with garden stuff!  i know we got a bunch with Seasons.. but i want more veggies to harvest and more fish to catch!

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