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  • upgraded to 2.6.2

    finally upgraded from 2.6 to 2.6.2... quick & painless!

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  • upgraded to WP 2.6!

    took a few refreshes, but it worked w/o a hitch!

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  • updated to WP 2.5.1

    just a note to say i've updated to WP 2.5.1.

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trailer is up for EP7 Free Time!

even though i haven’t touched my game since July, i still check Snooty Sims from time to time… to see if there are any free downloads or patch updates.  i haven’t even installed Bon Voyage yet… or the patch… or Teen Stuff, which i forgot to blog that i bought it at Toys ‘R’ Us for 50% off right when it came out.  :D  and i haven’t installed H&M Fashion Stuff either.  told ya, i am so behind!!!

perhaps Free Time will be my comeback EP.  it looks to be chock-full of activities for the entire family.  that’s why i loved Seasons so much and played it religiously for the first month.  LOL  from the FT trailer, you can play the violin!  i used to play the violin in middle thru high school.  you can repair cars, make pottery, SEW (but not knit like Mrs. Crumplebottom), play basketball and soccer, and a whole bunch more.  i already saw the trailer twice and i’m sure i missed some stuff.

i wonder if we’ll get any new build mode stuff like spiral staircases.  i know that has been asked for since the beginning of time.  maybe when FT comes out in February, i’ll dump all my hacks and play the game as is.  i’m already so far behind on everything that there’s no way i have the patience to grab the latest hacks and mods.  that’s why i think i never really enjoyed playing the game… because of all these hacks!  i would spend time testing and reporting bugs, i could never play the game for what it was designed for.  wow, it took me 3 years to realize that.  huh.

anyway, don’t think i’ll be updating this blog every day again.  i’m not ready to come back.  i’m enjoying the news, though.  i owe it to CC for sending me the link to the trailer.  i’ve been so busy with work today that this was the first time i could sit and read for a bit without having my phone glued to my ear.  (thanks, lady!)

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i got H&M Fashion Stuff

i just got it, but i haven’t installed it yet.  i’m not sure when i’ll install it.  probably later on this month or next.  i have time to play with it until the next EP comes out.

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H&M Fashion Stuff pack site

check this out.  there are themes you can submit your content for… click on Design Kits and you can download premade templates (i’m guessing) to recolor.  i wonder if they’re new meshes…

have you snagged H&M Fashion Stuff pack yet?  i haven’t been in a playing mood lately, so i’ll probably get it in the next couple weeks.  i’ve been pretty lazy with downloading, too.  i think i’m in that mid-EP hump… where i’ve lost interest until the next EP comes along.

this looks to be a cool news site to bookmark.  click here.  that’s where i got the link to the H&MFS (or will it be nicknamed HMFS?) site.  Snooty recommended it (since he seems to be having bandwidth issues lately).

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H&M Fashion Stuff pack

it’s finally been officially announced here.  it’s going to be released on June 5th.  it looks like they have a pic of every single item in the pack!  i like the new clothing meshes, too.  i can’t wait for people to start recoloring them!  just a handful of buy/build mode objects, but tons of new clothes.  i’m definitely going to get this!

they also finally added the renders for Celebration Stuff here.

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another stuff pack?

on a daily basis, i check Snooty Sims for the latest gossip in the Sims 2 universe.  he just announced that the link to pre-order the 5th stuff pack is already up on Gamestop.  it is called H&M Fashion Stuff.  i have no idea what H&M stand for.  (hers and mine?)  you can see it here.  we hadn’t even received Celebration Stuff yet!  are they trying to push out a new stuff pack every 2 months?  it surely seems that way.  it’ll be out the first week in June.

i’m glad that this stuff pack is dedicated to fashion.  as much as i love the meshes that game players make, i like the style of the Maxis-made meshes.  i don’t really download a lot of clothing meshes because most of the stuff i’ve seen make your Sim look anorexic… or they enhance certain body parts a bit too much.  hehe.  i like my Sims to look a bit more cartoony.  i’m sure we’ll start seeing pics from this stuff pack soon enough.

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