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my finds: Sim Sightings (17 Jan)

i don’t normally download character Sims (because i just don’t have the time to play with them), but i’m sure someone out there does so i wanted to highlight a fantastic Simmer named SynapticSim.  if you’re a big fan of X-Men, he is your man!  he has made practically X-Men character known to man and he does a damn good job, too!  he also has made various other characters from DC Comics and Marvel Comics.  check out his creations!  they’ll just blow you away.

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my finds: lots (16 Jan)

GilliSims Isle - a realistic recreation of the island of the original Survivors.  “just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip…”
factory living - “factory/warehouse buildings remodeled as modern living quarters.”  there are 5 (as of today) so click on Nengi65’s name to get the rest of them.  you will not be disappointed, and there’s more to come!!!  i’m so going to use them all!!!  even if i don’t occupy them, they’ll still look great as backdrops since you can see your neighboring lots in Nightlife.

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my finds: body shop (5 Jan)

so yesterday, i had a revelation.  to start using realistic skintones for my Sims.  no, i won’t get those anatomically correct ones (sorry - this is a game, folks!  i don’t want to see *that* in there) and i won’t get those that are extremely detailed (i.e. shading, age spots, wrinkles, etc).  my Sims don’t walk around nekkid, except when they’ve gotten in/out of the shower so seeing all that *stuff* isn’t all that important to me.

so the revelation came to me when i was looking at a self-sim that a fellow staff member made for me.  i switched from that skintone to the Maxis ones and boy, what a difference!  it just added that little bit of realism to “me” and so i started my hunt for realistic skintones and genetics, overall.  i’ve already been downloading a ton of realistic eyes ever since Helaene started to post them on MTS2, so i decided to expand my search of custom content to include skintones.

one reason why i downloaded so very few skintones was because of their file size.  they can be extremely HUGE!  when they’re packed with Sims, the total .sims2pack file size can get up to 6, 7 or 8 MB.  it’s crazy.  of course, since i never share my creations, why would it matter, right?  hehe.  it’s also just laziness on my part.  but i have collected a few since i’m a sucker for celebrities who have been Simmified.

anyway, i started a list of creators who i believe make the best realistic skintones… or at least the type of skintones that i will be using with my Sims.  when they release new skintones or eyes (i lovelovelove realistic eyes, too!) i’ll be linking to their newest creations, too:

helaene (her site)
exnem (eyes only)
revoye (not the super/ultra shiny ones)
helaene (her site)


other sites:
eye candy
Sim Cribbling
SIMply elau
Sims Connection

what you won’t find me linking to are creators who make clothes and make up.  there is just simply way too many places to find those things.  besides, if i like a particular creator, i usually get everything else they make since it’s of the same quality and style.  so just keep that in mind, too, if you use my list as a guide to find what you’re looking for.

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my finds: realistic lots (4 Jan)

i thought i’d expand a bit further and include realistic lots in my daily/weekly finds.  i’ve downloaded hundreds (and hundreds) of lots over the past year or so and i’m amazed at how realistic these lots turn out to be.  can you imagine trying to recreate the Eiffel Tower and actually making it look incredibly close to the real thing?  how about homes from TV shows or restaurants?  very surreal, if you ask me.

the following list will contain my favorite lot creators (in addition to those starter home creators i listed earlier).  you’ll soon see that i download lots from just a handful of creators, but only because i’m extremely picky as i base my criteria almost solely on aesthetics, playability, and uniqueness (and that it looks like they spent time making it).

 Loverat - fellow staff member on MTS2, she has shared her love of building very early on.  her lots are huge, but they’re very well-landscaped and furnished.  you don’t even need to make adjustments once you install them.  they’re perfection in one fell swoop.
 ehaught58 - quite possibly the only lot maker i admire on The Exchange.  he can make everything and anything.  each lot is very unique and detailed and easy to play.  he’s remade the 50’s McDonald’s (that resides in Chicago) as well as countless other realistic structures (including Stonehenge).  download them all!
 billygruffs - my favorite Buffy lot maker.  she has made every single lot from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel TV series that you can think of!  (she’s also Simmified all the characters, too.)  i get goosebumps playing these lots!
 V1ND1CARE - i can’t even begin to describe the lots that she has shared on MTS2.  London Bridge, The Rialto, The Seine River, various lots from the Star Wars movies, and the graveyard from the Phantom of the Opera movie.  it’s her eye for detail that is simply amazing.
 Moon_Ez - his lots are just simply beautiful.  in addition to that, he makes exquisite build mode items that make his and our lots all the more stunning.
 en7en - he was the first to start experimenting with changing the roof style.  check out all his beautiful Japanese pagodas in his profile.
 Lisen801 - talk about realism, she took realism in the Sims 2 to a whole different level.  she gave life to our favorite NPCs: the social worker, the maid, and the gardener.
 Numenor - other than being one of the sweetest guys (Italian, too) to work with, his build mode items (and overall expertise in everything else) gives us something unique to play with.  when he’s not tied up fixing our broken packages, he also creates lovely lots, too.

obviously i can keep going on and on and on, but i’m stopping here.  i’ve resigned myself to only downloading lots that i can actually see myself playing with (unless these folks above release anything new) since i don’t really play themed neighborhoods (but you never know).  following this post, i’ll be highlighting individual lots that catch my eye, more than likely falling in the starter home size and price range.

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Sims 2 movies

i <3 Sims 2 movies!!!  i am always in complete awe at what these people can do.  the camera angles, the reactions, the sets, the storylines, the music, their keen attention to detail.  it just blows me away!!!  these are gamers, of all people.  by no means are they professionals (they aren’t getting paid the big bucks), but they should!!!  they deserve it!

if you go here, towards the bottom you will see my favorite sites to go to find Sims 2 movies.  i’ve watched a whole bunch but i have quite a handful saved that i could watch over and over and over again.  i’ll compile a list of individual movies at a later time.

the site that started it all was The Strangerhood, the same people who brought to you the Red vs Blue series.  they started the whole “reality” series about 8 folks who have all lost their memory and live together to try and find out why there are there in the first place.

since then, a whole slew of Sims 2 players jumped on the bandwagon and have made movies of their own.  i am always on the look out for new movies from these talented people.  Aprilsghoffman, Decorgal, and now Jaydee.  everything they’ve made is of top-notch quality.

if you know of anyone who hasn’t played The Sims 2 (or is a naysayer that it’s a silly game), just show them one of these movies.  they’ll think differently, i can almost guarantee it.

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my finds: starter homes (3 Jan)

i’ve decided to expand my list o’ finds - to include lots. since i’m starting over (again) with a particular neighborhood, i thought it would be wise to fill it up with starter homes. i’ve always preferred starter homes over anything bigger than that due to playability (size and custom content). also, with starter homes (on small lots), you are limited to what you can put inside so it’ll teach you not to go overboard with furnishings.

even though i play with starter homes, it doesn’t mean i won’t download those monsterous ones. i’ve downloaded lots (typically replicas of real buildings) that occupy the largest lot size for pure aesthetics (i.e. neighborhood decor). with Nightlife, you can see your neighbors, so why not put Stonehenge, The Rialto, or The Eiffel Tower next door.

anyway, i have a mini-project in the works (that i just blogged about) and i’m planning on using these starter homes in a clean neighborhood. i plan on filling them up with 1 or 2 Sims each. i can’t wait to get that started, but first, i need to make (or collect) all the Sims that i will be using. then i have to go through all my gigs of downloads to figure out what content to use. it’s going to be a huge project, overall, but i think it’ll be worth it in the long run… or at least until Open for Business comes out.

to kick start this list, i’m going to highlight creators first… because all their stuff is good… not just one or two lots. then as they make more, i’ll just highlight the newest stuff and you’ll see who i favor the most.

Plasticbox - since joining MTS2 in October, she has shared well over 60 starter homes. each one is extremely easy to play. her lots range from under $20K to $30K.
JohnnyJohnson - i absolutely love his black & white homes. they’re just so cute that i couldn’t resist featuring one of them. i wanted to feature them all, but we have to give everyone else some time in the spotlight, too.
tkdjunkie - she has quite a handful of starter homes in her profile. look for the homes on “Budget Lane.”
Timin2101 - scroll thru his profile to the very beginning and you’ll see all the 2×2 lot starter homes he has shared on MTS2

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shooting stars

this new category will be used to highlight the fabulous creators of the Simming community.  these are shooting stars in my book and i hope you see them that way, too.

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