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fantastic look-alikes

there seems to have been an influx of really good Sims uploaded to MTS2 lately.  these celeb Sims  look so much like their real-life counterpart, it’s hard to tell the difference!  here are my favorites:

Justin Timberlake - just featured recently… omg!  the resemblance is perfect!
James - Nengi doesn’t really say he’s Sawyer from Lost, but that’s who i thought when i saw this hottie!  (Sawyer’s real name is James.)
Michelle Pfeiffer - ooh, dress her up like Catwoman!  :)
Corvus Corax - this is HP’s model Sim… he’s the only Sim i’ve seen that looks so good with dark skin and white hair
Victoria Beckham - AKA “Posh Spice”… this is yet another perfect likeness to the real person… he did a great job on her nose
Audrey Tautou - very cute, just like the real person
Reese Witherspoon - i think she did a great job on the chin
toddler with realistic baby skin - obviously not a celeb Sim, but just an example of another exemplary creation
Paris Hilton - i’m not a fan of Paris Hilton, but this Sim is the closest i’ve seen to all the millions of Paris’ that have been made
Janet Jackson - another fabulous replica by SeluXereZ (who also made Victoria Beckham)
Keira Knightley - i will not be pairing her with my new Orlando Bloom.  :)
Jennifer Lopez - Chaz always creates such beautiful likenesses
Johnny Depp - i think the mouth is perfect
Colin Farrell - i think his eyebrows are perfect!  sometimes it’s just one perfect part that makes a Sim a look-alike.
Natalie Portman - very close resemblance
Eva Longoria - there was an Eva uploaded recently, but i think this one is better
Brandon Routh - he looks sooooo gooood!
Jennifer Lopez - another really good one by WillStefan
Mena Suvari

okay… i’m stopping here… if you want more, go here cuz there’s plenty more pages where they came from!  i think MTS2 features the best of the best.  grab them while you can and you can have your very own Tinsel Town.  :)

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now that’s Orlando Bloom

i’ve had thesimssi2’s version of Orlando Bloom in my game forever… but tonight, as the girls and i were approving downloads, this Orlando Bloom flashed before my eyes and i just had to do it.  bye bye old Orly… hello sexy new Orly. :)

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my finds: Sim sightings (17 Mar)

i haven’t been really blogging much in this category… seems like the wave just comes and goes.  but i found something today that totally blew me away!  and i know hubby would love her in his game, too.  (he’s been playing OfB more than me!)  if you love Zhang Ziyi (she was in House of Flying Daggers, Memoires of a Geisha, Hero, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), get her amazing Sim here.  i’ve seen her created in the past, but this is by far the best i’ve seen.

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my finds: Sim sightings (20 Jan)

another huge wave of X-Men villains just released.  grab them here.  soon, you’ll have an entire neighborhood of just X-Men Sims.

jameLia creates one of the original cover girls - Cindy Crawford!

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my finds: Sim Sightings (17 Jan)

i don’t normally download character Sims (because i just don’t have the time to play with them), but i’m sure someone out there does so i wanted to highlight a fantastic Simmer named SynapticSim.  if you’re a big fan of X-Men, he is your man!  he has made practically X-Men character known to man and he does a damn good job, too!  he also has made various other characters from DC Comics and Marvel Comics.  check out his creations!  they’ll just blow you away.

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my finds: Sim sightings (6 Jan)

in my old Sims 2 blog, i had a category called Sim Sightings where i would link to celebs and unique Sims i’ve found on various sites and i thought i should carry it forward here.

what better way to start this off by showcasing jameLia and her realistic creations.  her latest upload to MTS2 was just amazing.  if you’re a big fan of Elijah Wood, download him here and dress him up as Frodo in your LotR themed neighborhood.  :)

the other Sim i wanted to showcase was her rendition of Tom Welling.  *droooool*  ever since people started sharing Sims on The Exchange, i immediately started looking for Clark Kent or Tom Welling, as i’m a HUGE Smallville fan.  no one could even come close.  until jameLia created him.  it almost took my breath away!  LOL!  after seeing him, i was like Orlando, who?  i’m seriously thinking of giving Orlando a run for his money and introducing Tom Welling to the neighborhood.  or just kill him off.  (nooo!!!)  anyway, he might put a kink in my little project (that i’m still developing).  we’ll just have to see.  regarding Tom, the only thing that just didn’t fit was her choice of hair.  i scoured all my Sims 2 links and i found the perfect one on Sim Cribblings.

one thing you can benefit from looking at these completed Sims is that you can find out what they’re made of.  on MTS2, one of the upload requirements is that you cite and link to where you got your custom content from.  from there, you can dig further and see what else that creator has made.  it’s really a win-win situation.  since these Sims are made to look like their real life counterpart, you bet you can find out who the top realistic custom content creators are.  that’s where i found most of my links.

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