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please don't e-mail me/leave me comments about problems you have with MTS2 or problems you have with the Sims 2 game. comments are moderated. if you have a questions about either one, please post it in the appropriate forum. there's tons of information on MTS2 that can help you get through your problems. thanks.

a little bit of this

  • upgraded to 2.6.2

    finally upgraded from 2.6 to 2.6.2... quick & painless!

    [09.09.08] #
  • upgraded to WP 2.6!

    took a few refreshes, but it worked w/o a hitch!

    [07.15.08] #
  • updated to WP 2.5.1

    just a note to say i've updated to WP 2.5.1.

    [04.25.08] #

Sims 2 ramblings

as you can see, this blog hasn’t been updated lately with regards to The Sims 2. yes, i’m still buying the expansion packs, and yes, i’ll eventually get around to playing it again, but i’ve lost interest in The Sims 2 after Seasons came out. i picked it up again when Free Time came out because you could play the violin (which is what i played from 6th - 12th grades) but then i stopped playing again & i haven’t played it since. i have all the expansion packs & stuff packs but i haven’t installed IKEA Stuff Pack, Apartment Life, or Kitchen & Bath Stuff Pack. i hardly download anything except from Around the Sims 2 because i’ve donated to that site & i get e-mails when new objects are available. i even bought a 6 month sub to The Sims 2 Resource so i could download from my favorite featured artists like Windkeeper, etc, but i think i put that into use the first month and i think it’s already run out. i check Mod the Sims 2 from time to time, but i haven’t been active on there for over a year. i think that when The Sims 3 comes out, i’ll play it again - of course, to check out the graphics - but i won’t download anything. i think that’s what got me… i spent way too much time downloading everything rather than playing so i lost interest quickly. also, i need to play outside my normal playing bubble and let my Sims suffer once in a while. LOL i spoiled them with hacks and everything.

so that’s where i’m at. there will be no more blog posts about The Sims 2 unless i get a wild hair or something. i’ll probably blog about SPORE since that is what i’m playing at the moment. so i hope you come back next May when The Sims 3 comes out! i can’t wait until it does! :D

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i have SPORE

i’ve been playing SPORE since Sunday and i love it! OMG, what another time suck! it reminds me of those days when The Sims 2 first came out *gasp* 4 YEARS ago and i couldn’t stop gawking at the new graphics and everything. well, SPORE has done me good again. thanks to my wonderful husband who had been playing SPORE for a few days before i decided to install it, he walked me through the cellular phase and some of the creature phase and taught me everything i needed to know. he recommended that i start off on EASY and as an herbivore as i test the waters. i died 5 times in the cellular phase because i freaked out when a bigger cell started to eat me. LOL once i got the hang of it, i was able to move forward to the creature phase and i was able to friend every creature except 1 that i could not find and unlock all the body parts that i could use on my herbivore. i haven’t moved onto the tribal phase just yet because i’m determined to figure out how to friend that last creature.

i took a break from that creature and started this new creature out as an herbivore, too… in the end, my creature ended up as an omnivore (eat meat & fruit). getting an omnivore is HARD. you have to balance out the amount of plants and kill a lot of other cells to end up as an omnivore. what i did was eat a lot of plants  so i could get some DNA points and then after my 2nd to last growth spurt, i started killing other cells. i saved before i got my land legs because you don’t know if you’re still an herbivore or an omnivore yet. i was an herbivore twice after that and so i just kept reloading my game (after my last save) and killed more cells. i think at last count, i killed 50 cells in a row. i saved again & when i got my land legs, i was finally an omnivore. i wanted this creature to become an omnivore because i wanted to see different things. so far i like it! i can still continue eating fruit or i can eat carcasses from fresh kill. LOL

Tom says that a carnivore is HARD to maintain because you have to kill for food. so you have to build up your health score so you don’t have to keep dying. but in SPORE, you don’t have to worry about your lives. you have unlimited lives. you can keep on dying and you will keep on being reborn at your nest. it just gets annoying after a while as you don’t want to keep on dying and have to kill the same creature over and over (if you so choose). i don’t think i’ll venture off into carnivore land anytime soon. i’m having fun with my omnivore creature. i want that BFF award (if you make allies with 20 other creatures).

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My Sims for PC

my Sims 2 updates are coming in fewer and fewer nowadays.  i guess you don’t need to hear it again from me that i’ve lost interest.  but i still keep buying the expansion packs and stuff packs!  i’m a collector… and it’s hard to kick the habit.  LOL  i was checking Infinite Sims and saw their latest article on My Sims for PC.  i have My Sims for NDS and Wii, but i found it very hard to play.  maybe it’s because i’m old and my eyes can’t take it anymore (NDS) or that my arm starts hurting after maneuvering the Wiimote to pick up stuff and drop stuff and build stuff (Wii).  i’m more of a PC/Mac girl so i’d rather play it on my desktop.  i’m waiting to try out My Sims when it comes out next year for the PC.

what caught my eye is this little blurb from the EA Games press release:

Now on the PC with new online features and characters! Have fun with friends safely in a shared online game space and discover surprises and wonders in your newly created town with the MySims you love and a new cast of characters! Now in MySims, made for the PC, you can find all the fun of the first game plus new online features and all-new characters to spark your creativity. Safely chat, interact and play games like Tag and Hide-and-Seek with your online buddies. Construct buildings and create objects to use cooperatively with up to seven friends that are online with you. Like trading cards, share your creations with your friends in-game, as well as outside the game via email or instant message so that others can enjoy them in their own MySims town. The choice to play online is yours, so you can decide to play as a single-player or expand your experience by playing with friends in an online neighborhood.

i’ve always wanted something like this!  to be able to use my self-Sim and interact with others, share objects, play in each others’ houses, etc.  i wonder what kind of online neighborhood we get.  is it just like a virtual chat, where we are in one room and we just talk thru talk bubbles?  i’ve never played The Sims Online, but i’ve watched how it’s done on Second Life.  i’ve also played on MMOs like Ryzom where you chat with other players (in a chat screen) but we always end up chatting on MSN and your characters can interact with one another.  i wonder if that’s how it’s going to be like because that would be so much fun.  plus, i like the “chibi” look of My Sims.  i think they’re cute!

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Apartment Life coming soon

Apartment Life is going to be the 8th and probably last expansion pack for The Sims 2 franchise.  The Sims 3 is coming out next year (2009) and i’m really so excited to get my hands on it.  (as well as Spore.)  anyway, i was curious about what’s going on in the world of The Sims 2, so i checked Snooty Sims and saw that people from various fansites were invited to yet another unveiling of the latest expansion pack.

from what i can tell from the screenshots, we’re getting spiral staircases (FINALLY!).  we’re getting functioning wardrobes (closets), ceiling tiles (i wonder if the camera will be easier to handle), and the latest supernatural being is the witch (referencing back to the Making Magic EP in the original Sims game).  i recommend reading TSR’s article on Apartment Life (AL) to get the gist of what’s to come.  even though i haven’t played the game in almost a year, i’m still fully vested in the game and hope to find time to pick it up again.

more than likely, i’m going to get rid of all my hacks once and for all.  i think this is what holds me back from playing.  i think i would’ve enjoyed playing if i never knew i could hack the game.  and that’s why i got spoiled and spent DAYS just tracking down the updated hacks and new hacks.  i hope to not get into that habit once The Sims 3 comes out.  but knowing myself, i’m sure the lure of easier gaming is just not to be ignored!  LOL

i still have to install the Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff pack and the soon-to-be released IKEA Home Stuff pack which i’m really excited to get because i love IKEA and i can finally recreate my home office in the game.

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risky hacks

since Squinge no longer makes hacks, you can’t find a complete repository anywhere (there are a couple sites that host some of his hacks).  i decided to take it upon myself to test the hacks i’ve downloaded that were compatible with Seasons.  i never played Bon Voyage (had it installed only), so i’m taking even a bigger risk since i’m testing hacks that are outdated at least 2 EPs.

anyway, i didn’t list these on my master hack list because i wasn’t too sure i wanted to go down this road… but i’ve put a bunch back in, and will list them here.  if any of them conflict with Pescado’s hacks, i am deleting them.  i’m not even risking the chance that they may alter the behavior somewhat.  i’m not going there.

so here’s my list of risky hacks a la Squinge.

BottomLessFoodDish.package - this seems to work perfectly fine
MoreEnergyFromCoffee.package - haven’t had the chance to test this as my Sim has no coffee machine
noautonomousjugglewithfridge.package - seriously, who juggles water bottles from their fridge?
NoMoreThrowUp.package - my Sim did that gagging animation when her dog was stinky (so i don’t know if this is working or not)
PaintFaster.package - haven’t had to test this yet as my Sim has no easel

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back in the game…

yesterday, i finally started fiddling with TS2 again… i just can’t make myself not use hacks, so i’ve been testing all my hacks.  i’m taking a different approach to hacks this time around.  i decided to use Pescado’s Director’s Cut as my base and then i’ll add on the other hacks.  if i have to use someone else’s hack over one of Pescado’s, then i’ll list it here.  i still can’t believe Pescado is still making and fixing hacks!  anyway, this will help me maintain my list of hacks more efficiently.

i’ll be making a new page that i’ll link to on the sidebar… it’s a work in progress so it’s not there yet.  [update: it's here!]

so i ran the Paladin’s Hack Detector Conflict Utility against all the hacks i still had back from Seasons (because i didn’t even play Bon Voyage at all) and Pescado’s current DC, and it found a bunch of conflicts.  i decided to put them all in my game (except for the ones i knew would crash my game).  my Sim went to cook herself a meal and everything was hunky dory until she put the food on her plate and her plate disappeared.  so i took out all my hacks except for the DC and my Sim was able to eat properly.

there’s a bunch of other hacks that i have to have so i’m testing them one-by-one by creator.  it’s going to take me forever, but on my Vista laptop (where i’m testing & playing), i turned the graphics settings down to the lowest possible setting so it won’t take me forever to do anything in the game.  when i had them all on high (because i thought my laptop could take it), it was choppy and slowly getting on my nerves.  that’s also why i’m not playing & testing it on my XP desktop because it doesn’t seem to like my 1920×1200 resolution or it could also be that the graphics settings are set on high.  i don’t feel like messing with it right now anyway.  but yeah, i’m back in the game… it’s a start.  it’s still going to be another year until Sims 3 comes out and i’m really so excited about what’s going to be included!

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i got Free Time

i bought it a couple days after it was released.  i still haven’t installed it yet.  :(  i know, i suck!  i keep forgetting to get the Prima Guide.  both Gamestops (that are within a mile from each other) i went to didn’t have it.  they both told me that not a lot of people pre-ordered it.  i wonder if Wal-Mart or Target has it.  i have plans to go to both stores sometime this weekend.

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MySims for NDS

i don’t know why i keep buying this stuff when i never play with it!  over the weekend, i got MySims for my Nintendo DS system.  did i tell you that i have it for the Wii, too?  did i fail to mention that i haven’t played it yet?  i don’t know what’s wrong with me…  i already have several games for my NDS that i haven’t played with but once.  and Free Time is coming out soon, too, like in less than a couple weeks.  i should just admit that i have no interest in playing… but the pictures just lure me back in.  LOL

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i bit the bullet and installed all the base game, all the EPs, all the SPs, transfered about 1 GB of custom content, and made sure that there were no SecuROM entries in my Windows Vista registry (more on that later).  it took almost a total of 3.5 hours to complete this.  it could’ve taken less time, but i was fighting with my DVD-rom on my laptop as it wouldn’t prompt me to install the CD after it was inserted.  i had to eject a couple of the discs a few times until the laptop recognized it.

i haven’t launched the game yet.  i’ve got about 7 months worth of downloading to do, but i know i won’t go overboard this time as i really don’t have a lot of time (or interest) in searching for the latest and greatest of downloads.  PLUS, i’m playing with ZERO hacks.  can you believe that?  i was a total hack whore before!  but again, i don’t have the time nor the interest to find out what works and what doesn’t work with Bon Voyage and beyond.  i’m going to actually play the game this time.

i wonder how well TS2 will play on my Vista laptop.  it has 2 GB of RAM and it has an ATI Radeon X1270 display adapter.  (i heard that the nVidia GO display adapters are no GOod.)  i’m kinda scared to start the game now.  first of all, my laptop has a wide screen so everything will look stretched.  second of all, i’m afraid i might get addicted again.  it’s been nearly 7 months since i stopped playing TS2 cold turkey.  i really have better things to do than play this game, but i’ll try to moderate myself.

i really wanted to get everything installed again because of the next EP that comes out next month.  even though i haven’t played the game since July, i have been checking on the latest scoop on Snooty Sims.  i’ve also downloaded some stuff, but no where near in the volume i used to download.  i only downloaded from 2 sites only because i’m on their announcement list.

i’m curious to see how TS3 will look like.  i really haven’t been keeping up with the news on that, but i’m hearing stuff.  it would be nice to check out, but i don’t think i’ll go nearly as crazy with downloading once it comes out.  the modding tools have to be developed first, and that’ll take time.  oh, yeah, and Spore… when the hell will it come out?  i read it’ll come out in the Spring.  it’s about damn time.

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trailer is up for EP7 Free Time!

even though i haven’t touched my game since July, i still check Snooty Sims from time to time… to see if there are any free downloads or patch updates.  i haven’t even installed Bon Voyage yet… or the patch… or Teen Stuff, which i forgot to blog that i bought it at Toys ‘R’ Us for 50% off right when it came out.  :D  and i haven’t installed H&M Fashion Stuff either.  told ya, i am so behind!!!

perhaps Free Time will be my comeback EP.  it looks to be chock-full of activities for the entire family.  that’s why i loved Seasons so much and played it religiously for the first month.  LOL  from the FT trailer, you can play the violin!  i used to play the violin in middle thru high school.  you can repair cars, make pottery, SEW (but not knit like Mrs. Crumplebottom), play basketball and soccer, and a whole bunch more.  i already saw the trailer twice and i’m sure i missed some stuff.

i wonder if we’ll get any new build mode stuff like spiral staircases.  i know that has been asked for since the beginning of time.  maybe when FT comes out in February, i’ll dump all my hacks and play the game as is.  i’m already so far behind on everything that there’s no way i have the patience to grab the latest hacks and mods.  that’s why i think i never really enjoyed playing the game… because of all these hacks!  i would spend time testing and reporting bugs, i could never play the game for what it was designed for.  wow, it took me 3 years to realize that.  huh.

anyway, don’t think i’ll be updating this blog every day again.  i’m not ready to come back.  i’m enjoying the news, though.  i owe it to CC for sending me the link to the trailer.  i’ve been so busy with work today that this was the first time i could sit and read for a bit without having my phone glued to my ear.  (thanks, lady!)

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