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please don't e-mail me/leave me comments about problems you have with MTS2 or problems you have with the Sims 2 game. comments are moderated. if you have a questions about either one, please post it in the appropriate forum. there's tons of information on MTS2 that can help you get through your problems. thanks.

a little bit of this

  • upgraded to 2.6.2

    finally upgraded from 2.6 to 2.6.2... quick & painless!

    [09.09.08] #
  • upgraded to WP 2.6!

    took a few refreshes, but it worked w/o a hitch!

    [07.15.08] #
  • updated to WP 2.5.1

    just a note to say i've updated to WP 2.5.1.

    [04.25.08] #

my Seasons hack request list part 2

when i first started playing Seasons, i started coming up with a list of “must have” hacks.  fortunately, a lot of other Simmers were wanting these hacks, too, so they were slowly popping up everywhere.  then there was a bit of a break in the middle (i think people were still engrossed in this EP).  then recently, a whole new crop of mods came out.  i wanted to link to my existing request list here so you can see if you’ve missed anything (or have been looking for something and haven’t found it yet).

in this post, i’m carrying over part of my list that haven’t been fulfilled yet.  maybe i can get some more of these to come to true.  :)

* i would like the ability to grow a garden on a foundation.  people who don’t have the luxury of a yard make do with balconies or patios to house their gardens… why can’t our Sims?
this will probably take some time to code as well… unless there are “ploppable” garden plots… because right now, they’re placed in the ground much like you build a foundation.

[update 4/24] mike_1102 finally made my wish come true!  now you  can buy them from the buy mode catalog and you can basically put them anywhere!  woohoo!  also, mike_1102 has an alternate mod where you will get more extra harvest if you fertilize these plots.  i already have Monique’s mod that doubles my harvest so that’s already plenty for me.

i tested it with terracotta pots.  i have some from Windkeeper and i put them on top of the 2 tomato plants i grew.  they look so cute in the pots, but when i directed my Sim to harvest them, the action kept dropping out of her queue.  i know it’s because of those pots, but i guess we’ll need some kind of decorative pots that won’t block the Sim from harvesting.  without the pots, my Sim was able to harvest with no problems.  looks odd to see plants growing on a wooden deck, but hey, it works!  and i’m a happy camper!  :D

* plant for free!
if you’ve already harvested fruits & veggies once, you should be able to get seeds from them and not have to keep buying seeds!

[update 4/28] another fabulous garden hack from mike_1102 over here.  download the “noreplantafterharvest” if you want to compost and plant something else.  download the “noreplantafterharvest&dispose” if you have to dispose your dead plants and don’t want to replant.  i’m using the “noreplantafterharvest” along with TwoJeffs’ “perfect gardens” mod.  if you use the “dispose” one, you’ll have to use “moveobjects on” to delete the plant so you can replant.

* no more fishing for boot fears.  my poor sim has already caught a dozen of them.  (at least you can sell them for $15 each!)
even with a gold badge in fishing, they may still fish a boot.  on a residential pond, why would you be fishing boots anyway?  i can see it happen on a pond at a commercial lot, but not home lots.

* winter be the only season where the ponds freeze over
i thought i read somewhere that ponds won’t freeze during the Winter… but it does when it reaches a certain temperature… even in the Spring.  as long as you can cut a hole through the ice, you should be able to fish whenever.  ;)

* raking leaves in the fall should gain points towards getting a garden badge and should gain body points or make a person more fit (not fat)… the Prima Guide says it does, but i have not seen the garden badge icon show up above their heads… i think it does add to the cleaning skill
gardening or cleaning up your lawn takes a toll on your body.  it should make your energy go down, but i think you should gain body skill, cleaning skill, and points towards a garden badge.

* no more getting hit by lightning wants/fears
even though getting hit by lightning fulfilled one of SimDaysies’ wants, why would anyone want to wish to get hit by lightning? i think that’s one of the most retarded wants ever.

* stop fishing/gardening when it’s time to go to school/work
when i left my Sim alone, i thought he would be smart enough to quit fishing when it was time to go to work, but i should never assume… he accidentally used up one of his vacation days instead and missed work.

[update 5/3] i thought i already had Monique’s mod in my game, but i didn’t.  so when my Sim missed work because he was fishing, that was entirely my fault.  now i have a safeguard after finding Monique’s mod again.

* harvest all
just click on a plant or tree, select “harvest all” and it’ll harvest every single plant or tree that can be harvested on the lot.

[update 5/3] i hinted to Mike_1102 about this hack.  we’ll see if he is able to work it out.  *crosses fingers*

* gardening should gain fitness and body skill

[update 5/3] Syberspunk is released a test version of this mod here and i’m testing it.  (i personally requested this and i’m so glad he decided to take up on my offer!)

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garden helper mods

can you believe it?  i’m still playing Seasons and i’m not the least bit bored with it!  plus, with each new Seasons mod that comes out, i just have to test it.

over the past couple days, four fabulous mods came out courtesy of MTS2 member CtfG.  i have put all 4 of them in my game (and linked to them here).  what a difference they make!  who wants to spend hours gardening and harvesting?  i don’t!

i have a couple more requests and i kinda dropped hints in CtfG’s threads.  i’m not sure if they’ll be made because she has a few in the works.  i’ll just be surprised then.  :)  i’m secretly wishing for a “fish faster” and “plant faster” mods.  *crosses fingers*

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miscellaneous hack request list

note: if you’re interested in my Seasons hack requests, read this entry and you’ll see what has gotten fulfilled and what is currently pending.  a more complete list of hacks, compatible with Seasons, is here.

* to be able to control the stereo without Sim-intervention.  when you turn on/turn off/switch the station, you have to wait until your Sim is in close proximity to actually perform the action.  i’d like to be able to work the stereo like an mp3 player.  i don’t want my Sims to drop everything in their queue just because i’m in the mood to listen to new wave, or country, or *gasp* the salsa channel.

[update 4/10] Numenor fulfilled my wish!  get it here!

* to have kids and teens be able to write novels, too… i used to write tons of stories when i was young… why can’t our Sim children do that, too?

[update 5/18] Squinge fulfilled my wish!  get it here.  so far, it’s only enabled on the original Maxis computers (Little Sister, WD15 and Moneywell), not the Alienware.

* to disallow pets from riding along in the car when they drive themselves to a community lot.

* to direct pets to sleep when the last family member goes to bed… or to direct pets to sleep whenever (even when their energy bar is full)

* to direct visiting Sims to go home without having to stop everything just to say “goodbye” to them.

* enable the Ms. Crumplebottom’s knitting action for all Sims

* no more fights between the cop and the burglar… just handcuff him/her!

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must have Seasons hacks

i just compiled a list of Seasons hacks that i feel are necessary to maintain your sanity and OCD tendancies.  or maybe not.  hehe.  anyway, have a look-see.  i hope you can find what you’ve been looking for.

[update 4/9] i added descriptions to all the hacks i listed so you can see what each can do and what other hacks they go great with.

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leftover hacks

i just started my daily visits to my usual haunts and i found this by dizzy.  now you can store your leftovers and autonomously get them, too.  many Simmers will be so happy about this.  now i have to make lots of food and put them away as leftovers and see if they will autonomously get them and put them away.  i’ll be back with my results.

update @ 12:28 pm: i directed SimTombert to “clean up” and he put the bowl of food back in the fridge.  i didn’t see him take it back out, but i saw him eating and the same bowl of food was back on the kitchen counter.  and now it’s gone (probably back in the fridge because they’ve only pulled 2 plates from it).  yep, just checked.  it’s in the fridge.

i also directed SimEmily to “clean up” an empty plate and she properly put it in the dishwasher.

update @ 12:31 pm: Tombert just put his half-eaten plate of food back in the fridge!  his hunger was fully green (because i have Pescado’s noeatcrap hack in place, which stops them from overeating).

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how to gain fitness

when SimEmily (SimTombert & SimDaysies’ child) became a child, i had a hard time keeping Emily fit.  as far as i could tell, the only way you could keep a child fit is to make them work out via the radio or the TV (or by skating in Seasons).  Syberspunk has a hack that makes your Sims gain fitness and body skill when dancing, and that helps out so much, but Emily doesn’t like to dance for long periods of time… nor does she like to work out.  so i went to all my favorite mods sites and went through and i found it!  on MTS2, Katy_76 made a food (which looks like the chef salad) and when your Sims eat it, they gain fitness. 100% fitness.  i didn’t have the patience for Daysies to prepare it autonomously, so i directed her to do it.  Emily grabbed a plate and ate it and she went from 0% fitness to 100% in one sitting.  i was completely overjoyed.  Emily is no longer fat.  huzzah!

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my Seasons hack request list

i’ve been playing Seasons so much lately that there’s a lot of little things that annoy me (just the time involved in getting things accomplished) that i have a list of hack requests… this list appeared in a previous entry, but i decided to keep track of it in its own entry… for follow up and stuff like that.

* “talk to” plants or trees is autonomous
with TwoJeffs’ “perfect gardens” hack (in beta), he has a new version that allows trees to “thrive” at any stage.  so you no longer have to wait to get a gold badge in gardening to “talk to” the trees.  with this hack, you don’t have to talk to them at all.  you will still get bugs, but that’s by design… it’s so you can still spray to your heart’s content and turn into a PlantSim.  (there are hacks now that will allow you to turn into a PlantSim or turn others into PlantSims without having to spray 100+ times)

* “harvest” plants or trees is autonomous (and they do it right when they can be harvested… because fresh fruit/veggies are only available for 3 days)
Carrigon’s “harvest hack” will allow you to harvest your plants or trees at anytime.  plants can be harvested at anytime, but trees can’t be harvested in Winter (they’re normally “dormant” at that time) but she’s working on trying to figure that out.  in the meantime, plant, then harvest, and stock up before Winter hits your neighborhood.  do what the bears do.  ;)

[update 3/14] Carrigon now has a “harvest hack” that will allow you to harvest your plants and trees all year long.  same thread.  just get the one that ends in “allyear.”

* grab from leftovers first, if they’re available in the fridge.  it doesn’t matter to me which dish they get, if there is more than one.
this will probably take some time to code… but i know a lot of people are wanting this.

[update 4/6] OMG!!!  Dizzy was able to make this happen.  download this hack now!  it works!

* i would like to be able to make juice based on what’s in my inventory, not what’s been stocked in the juice maker.  stocking the juice maker takes a bunch of clicks and the juice maker can only hold up to 48 items
JFade made a “juicer tweaks” hack that increases the stock amount to 300 and you can see what the recipes are of each type of juice.  i would still like to check against the inventory so i don’t have to move the items to the juicer.

[update 4/1] Carrigon cloned the juicer and hacked it so that you can make any juice without having inventory at all.  i have this in-game, but i haven’t used it yet.  if you’re a lazy gardener, download the hack now.  (you must be registered/logged in to download this.)

* make/drink hot cocoa is non-autonomous
i want to be able to direct my Sims to make/drink hot cocoa

[update 3/28] Squinge finally made a hack to squash this annoyance.  get it here.

* puddle jumping/splashing is non-autonomous
once your Sims find a puddle, they will jump and splash in it forever!
Monique has a non-autonomous splash in a puddle hack where if your fun is > 50, you won’t autonomously splash.

* harvest more fruit from trees
you see so many juicy apples, oranges, and lemons on your orchard trees, but regardless if they’re thriving, you still get a piddly amount when you harvest them.  i want more, more, more!

[update 3/31] Monique fulfilled my request here!  while i love my gardens, it takes so long for them to garden as it is.  now i can have small gardens and yield lots of goodies!  thanks, Monique!

* composting leaves - get the closest pile of leaves (when gathering compostable material) stupid!
this routine would be similar to Paladin’s “get the closest plate stupid!” hack.  when i select a specific compost bin, i want my Sims to grab all the piles of leaves closest to it.  they’ll walk miles to pick up another pile of leaves and stick them in the compost bin closest to that, but they’ll never finish up the task of composting the leaves closest to the bin of my choice.

[update 3/27] Monique just released a hack to fix this annoyance!  yay!

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can’t live without my hacks

after i installed Seasons, i played a new Sim and without cheating (no motive cheats), i got her to earn her gold fishing badge and her gold gardening badge.  that was a lot of fun!  now with gold badges under her belt, i wanted some hacks to stop some of the tedious chores that were associated with gardening.  and lo and behold, there were some hacks!  however, i’m still testing them and finding some glitches.  if you’re interested in these hacks, they’re scattered throughout my “Mods I Use” page above… and i’m going to detail them a bit more here:

by DJS Sims:
auto-recycling newspaper - just what the name says… however, if you have a composting bin on the lot, the newspapers will not delete itself.  i’ve requested an alternative to this… if you have a composting bin on the lot, i’d like the newspapers to auto-compost itself.  we’ll see what he says.  ;)

[update 3/27] jfade updated his hack to auto-compost newspapers if you have a compost bin on the lot.  yay!

sensible ladybug swarms - this is nearly perfect.  the ladybugs certainly don’t swarm during the winter.  however, when Spring came, the ladybugs still swarm all day long.  not constantly, per the hack, but whenever they did swarm, they still swarmed past 7:00pm to 9:00am.

by TwoJeffs:
perfect garden - this is an enhancement to his “perfect plants” hack… covers gardens and trees, too.  so far, in my testing, the plants are always “thriving” and so that means my Sim doesn’t need to  talk to them.  they also don’t get bugs, the little, white, wispy things (which you will still get them even if you have lovely ladybug lofts around).  and you don’t need to “tend” them either.  however, the plants still need watering.  and the trees… you also don’t need to “tend” them, but they still get sickly and they still get bugs, and you still have to “talk to” them to get them to “thrive.”  i think it’s still needs some more tweaking.

update: i got bugs on my strawberry plant and my pole bean plant, but they eventually went away because of the ladybug lofts.  this was the first time seeing them after about two season’s worth of days had passed.

update 4 Mar: TwoJeffs updated the hack to cover watering… talking and watering should be taken care of… however, bugs were specifically not nuked because spraying is the only way to become a PlantSim (but there are already hacks out there to shortcut the process).  not sure if trees have been covered, but i will test and report back.

by Christianlov:
a hack i’m desperate to have working again is Christianlov’s no pee puddle hack.  my Sim’s dog, Mr. Pickles the Puggle (or Mr. Puggles, for short), has learned to pee outside… and without this hack, there’s puddles all along the sidewalk.  it doesn’t help that the pee is also yellow, courtesy of Pescado’s yellow pee hack.  since i let my Sim run on free will most of the time, she doesn’t go outside to mop up the pee unless she happened to wander around the mailbox or play fetch with Pickles outside.  besides, who mops up pee outside anyway?  it should just evaporate after a day.

by Carrigon:
no overheating or freezing hack - my poor Sim went outside to make a snow angel and then she started on a snowman.  after getting about 2/3rds of the way done with the snowman, she walks away, sniffens (you hear like this crackling sound), and falls on the ground!  i thought my Sim was a goner.  and given that it was at 2:00 in the morning when she keeled over, there were no townies walking by and so the poor thing laid there frozen on the sidewalk.  she couldn’t even get warmed up by a hairdryer.  poor thing!  by the time she got up, it was 9:00 in the morning and she went inside.  i warmed her up with some hot cocoa.  i was terribly distraught by the whole ordeal (because i don’t like my Sims dying… at all) so i’m glad i found this hack.  i can stay outside in a hottub and not overheat.  i can stay outside in the cold long enough to not freeze to death… and if i can’t stand it anymore, i would run inside.  so yeah, they should run inside if they’re going to freeze to death.

[hack request list has been moved to its own separate entry]

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no aging for Pets

i haven’t been able to play Pets because of the no aging hack.  seems like it wasn’t updated to include pets so while your Sims won’t age, your pets will still age… unless they were puppies or kittens (there is a no aging cheat for them).  how stupid was that?  i searched high and low for a hack that could keep me sane and i found it!  Inge Jones to the rescue!  download her no aging hack here.  it runs in the background.  also, with this hack, you don’t have to enter the no aging cheat when you enter a lot.  i can’t thank her enough for making this hack.  now my furry daughter can live forever.

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no censor blur

as i was snooping around to see when the working version of SimPE for Pets was going to be released (it’s not ready yet), i did see that Quaxi updated the censor blur for the Pets EP.  get it here.

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