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please don't e-mail me/leave me comments about problems you have with MTS2 or problems you have with the Sims 2 game. comments are moderated. if you have a questions about either one, please post it in the appropriate forum. there's tons of information on MTS2 that can help you get through your problems. thanks.

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  • upgraded to 2.6.2

    finally upgraded from 2.6 to 2.6.2... quick & painless!

    [09.09.08] #
  • upgraded to WP 2.6!

    took a few refreshes, but it worked w/o a hitch!

    [07.15.08] #
  • updated to WP 2.5.1

    just a note to say i've updated to WP 2.5.1.

    [04.25.08] #

Sims 2 ramblings

as you can see, this blog hasn’t been updated lately with regards to The Sims 2. yes, i’m still buying the expansion packs, and yes, i’ll eventually get around to playing it again, but i’ve lost interest in The Sims 2 after Seasons came out. i picked it up again when Free Time came out because you could play the violin (which is what i played from 6th - 12th grades) but then i stopped playing again & i haven’t played it since. i have all the expansion packs & stuff packs but i haven’t installed IKEA Stuff Pack, Apartment Life, or Kitchen & Bath Stuff Pack. i hardly download anything except from Around the Sims 2 because i’ve donated to that site & i get e-mails when new objects are available. i even bought a 6 month sub to The Sims 2 Resource so i could download from my favorite featured artists like Windkeeper, etc, but i think i put that into use the first month and i think it’s already run out. i check Mod the Sims 2 from time to time, but i haven’t been active on there for over a year. i think that when The Sims 3 comes out, i’ll play it again - of course, to check out the graphics - but i won’t download anything. i think that’s what got me… i spent way too much time downloading everything rather than playing so i lost interest quickly. also, i need to play outside my normal playing bubble and let my Sims suffer once in a while. LOL i spoiled them with hacks and everything.

so that’s where i’m at. there will be no more blog posts about The Sims 2 unless i get a wild hair or something. i’ll probably blog about SPORE since that is what i’m playing at the moment. so i hope you come back next May when The Sims 3 comes out! i can’t wait until it does! :D

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i have SPORE

i’ve been playing SPORE since Sunday and i love it! OMG, what another time suck! it reminds me of those days when The Sims 2 first came out *gasp* 4 YEARS ago and i couldn’t stop gawking at the new graphics and everything. well, SPORE has done me good again. thanks to my wonderful husband who had been playing SPORE for a few days before i decided to install it, he walked me through the cellular phase and some of the creature phase and taught me everything i needed to know. he recommended that i start off on EASY and as an herbivore as i test the waters. i died 5 times in the cellular phase because i freaked out when a bigger cell started to eat me. LOL once i got the hang of it, i was able to move forward to the creature phase and i was able to friend every creature except 1 that i could not find and unlock all the body parts that i could use on my herbivore. i haven’t moved onto the tribal phase just yet because i’m determined to figure out how to friend that last creature.

i took a break from that creature and started this new creature out as an herbivore, too… in the end, my creature ended up as an omnivore (eat meat & fruit). getting an omnivore is HARD. you have to balance out the amount of plants and kill a lot of other cells to end up as an omnivore. what i did was eat a lot of plants  so i could get some DNA points and then after my 2nd to last growth spurt, i started killing other cells. i saved before i got my land legs because you don’t know if you’re still an herbivore or an omnivore yet. i was an herbivore twice after that and so i just kept reloading my game (after my last save) and killed more cells. i think at last count, i killed 50 cells in a row. i saved again & when i got my land legs, i was finally an omnivore. i wanted this creature to become an omnivore because i wanted to see different things. so far i like it! i can still continue eating fruit or i can eat carcasses from fresh kill. LOL

Tom says that a carnivore is HARD to maintain because you have to kill for food. so you have to build up your health score so you don’t have to keep dying. but in SPORE, you don’t have to worry about your lives. you have unlimited lives. you can keep on dying and you will keep on being reborn at your nest. it just gets annoying after a while as you don’t want to keep on dying and have to kill the same creature over and over (if you so choose). i don’t think i’ll venture off into carnivore land anytime soon. i’m having fun with my omnivore creature. i want that BFF award (if you make allies with 20 other creatures).

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Spore release date announced

i just got this in my e-mail… the official release date has been announced!  if you’re still interested, read this article.

here’s a snippet:


Redwood City, CA - February 12, 2008 - Get ready for the next Big Bang this fall! Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) and Maxis today announced that Spore™, the highly anticipated game from the creators of The Sims™, will be available at retailers worldwide the weekend of September 7. Spore will be available for the PC, Macintosh, Nintendo DS™, and mobile phones.

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i bit the bullet and installed all the base game, all the EPs, all the SPs, transfered about 1 GB of custom content, and made sure that there were no SecuROM entries in my Windows Vista registry (more on that later).  it took almost a total of 3.5 hours to complete this.  it could’ve taken less time, but i was fighting with my DVD-rom on my laptop as it wouldn’t prompt me to install the CD after it was inserted.  i had to eject a couple of the discs a few times until the laptop recognized it.

i haven’t launched the game yet.  i’ve got about 7 months worth of downloading to do, but i know i won’t go overboard this time as i really don’t have a lot of time (or interest) in searching for the latest and greatest of downloads.  PLUS, i’m playing with ZERO hacks.  can you believe that?  i was a total hack whore before!  but again, i don’t have the time nor the interest to find out what works and what doesn’t work with Bon Voyage and beyond.  i’m going to actually play the game this time.

i wonder how well TS2 will play on my Vista laptop.  it has 2 GB of RAM and it has an ATI Radeon X1270 display adapter.  (i heard that the nVidia GO display adapters are no GOod.)  i’m kinda scared to start the game now.  first of all, my laptop has a wide screen so everything will look stretched.  second of all, i’m afraid i might get addicted again.  it’s been nearly 7 months since i stopped playing TS2 cold turkey.  i really have better things to do than play this game, but i’ll try to moderate myself.

i really wanted to get everything installed again because of the next EP that comes out next month.  even though i haven’t played the game since July, i have been checking on the latest scoop on Snooty Sims.  i’ve also downloaded some stuff, but no where near in the volume i used to download.  i only downloaded from 2 sites only because i’m on their announcement list.

i’m curious to see how TS3 will look like.  i really haven’t been keeping up with the news on that, but i’m hearing stuff.  it would be nice to check out, but i don’t think i’ll go nearly as crazy with downloading once it comes out.  the modding tools have to be developed first, and that’ll take time.  oh, yeah, and Spore… when the hell will it come out?  i read it’ll come out in the Spring.  it’s about damn time.

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itching for Spore

can you imagine having the entire galaxy under your control?  well, that’s what you can do with the latest simulation game, Spore.  i’ve been on a Spore hunt lately… watching all the demos that i can on YouTube.  i can NOT wait until it comes out!  i’ve never been one to play creatures and the like (even though at one point in time, i did own the Creatures game), but Spore really intrigues me.  endless customizability!  and you know me and custom content, one thing i learned is that as players create creatures and planets… entire civilizations… you can grab a “copy” of it and play with them or against them.  however, just to note, you’re not actually playing with other players in real-time.  this is not a multi-player (MMO) type of game.  you interact with other players’ content (i’m sure there’s probably going to be some kind of control there) that’s been previously uploaded or synced somewhere that’s been downloaded to your computer.  and if you are the creator of this content, you’ll get a report of what other players did with your creation.  how awesome is that!

anyway, to tide you over, here are some of my favorite videos… it seems like we won’t be getting Spore until next year.  (via SnootySpore)

E3 2006 trailer
18-minute demo
Robin Williams (yes, the actor/comedian) plays Spore
Will Wright and Brian Eno: Spore Metaverse
Will Wright and Brian Eno: Spore Creature Demo
music video with official Spore music

the original demo is out there somewhere, but so much has changed that i felt these videos are better to showcase what’s been changed and what we’re going to get.

i’ll probably add more videos to this list when more content comes out, but in the meantime, if you want to know more about Spore, visit SnootySpore and all its affiliates.

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