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  • upgraded to 2.6.2

    finally upgraded from 2.6 to 2.6.2... quick & painless!

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  • upgraded to WP 2.6!

    took a few refreshes, but it worked w/o a hitch!

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  • updated to WP 2.5.1

    just a note to say i've updated to WP 2.5.1.

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The Sims Stories: Pet Stories

it’ll be out just around the corner.  i think it’ll be out on June 18th.  if you’re interested in reading more about it, click here.

am i going to get it?  probably not.  i didn’t even get Life Stories.  it’s more for the newbie Simmer who has never played Sims 2 before.  there’s too much stripped from these series of games that i have to have when playing.  i know some hacks are compatible, but have you seen my list of hacks that i have in my game currently?  i’m sure other players will be happy to test what works/what doesn’t work.  i’m already struggling keeping up with my game as it is.  i’ll pass.

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more on Life Stories

seems like Life Stories is out in Europe.  there’s a couple threads discussing the game play aspect, custom content, and the moddability of it.  if you’re interested in following along, check them out:

it seems like our existing custom content can be used in Life Stories *but* there seems to be some extreme limitations regarding that… like file size.  in the S2C thread, someone put in 25 MB (tiny, compared to the amount of custom content already created) and her game choked.  there are already 3 downloadables available.  i’m guessing the file size of those is very small.  Life Stories, or The Sims Stories series, isn’t meant for user-made content, and rightfully so.  of course, if someone is willing to test it’s capacity, by all means.  :)  i might get it because then i can play it on my laptop, but i don’t think i’ll be running out to buy it on it’s first day out in the states.

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The Sims Stories: Life Stories

in addition to previewing Seasons, the next Sims 2 expansion pack, Tiggerypum also got to preview The Sims Stories as well.  this is the laptop-friendly version of The Sims 2, which means it doesn’t require a video card and you can play it on older systems (including desktops).  check out her article here.

other articles:
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while it is laptop-friendly (my laptop is sluggish past Nightlife), the only thing that kinda draws me away from getting it is the fact that you can’t put in custom content or import a favorite Sim.  actually, if i got to choose, i’d rather import a favorite Sim (my self-Sim) than have custom content.  The Sims 2 is already bloated with enough custom content that having a variation of the game without it is actually nice for a change of pace.

in story mode, you can choose between Riley or Vince’s stories to play out - because you are playing their stories.  everything is locked down so you can’t change anything.  you have goals to accomplish, and once a chapter in their lives has been completed, you get a reward of some sort.  in freeplay mode, you can create Sims, build houses, pretty much do anything you can do in The Sims 2, without the aid of hacks or custom content.  if you’ve participated in the infamous Legacy Challenge, this is probably best for you because there is no temptation to put additional content to “help” your families along.  i keep wanting to do that with The Sims 2, but i’m spoiled rotten.  i can’t fathom playing without custom content.

more than likely, i’ll fork over some money so i can bring The Sims wherever i go.  LOL  i don’t know if i’ll get it right away since i’ve recently gotten back into playing and it’s also being released within a month of Seasons’ release.  on second thought, maybe i might get it so i can get my Sims fix while i scrounge around to get all my hacks updated.  i’m so not looking forward to that.

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The Sims Stories

finally, after much secrecy, they have finally announced a new standalone game called The Sims Stories.  already in the works are The Sims Life Stories (LS), The Sims Pets Stories (PS), and The Sims Castaway Stories (CS).  these are not affiliated with The Sims 2, and so that means they will not be sharing downloadable content.  however, this game will (may) have its own downloadable content.  i love downloadable content!  since this is a laptop friendly game (meaning the specs aren’t as extreme as The Sims 2, which tend to get upped with each expansion pack release), i can finally play with my laptop again (which could only go up to Nightlife, i think).

the first one will be released in January 2007… i wonder who will be the first to start modding for it.

i wish there were some pics included with the above article.  i’ve only seen one pic, which you can see here.  i wonder what else we’ll be getting.  the fact that there’ll be downloadable content, this game has my vote.  that’s one reason why i never got into any of the console versions… plus they just didn’t look the same as the PC version.  i’m spoiled.

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