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please don't e-mail me/leave me comments about problems you have with MTS2 or problems you have with the Sims 2 game. comments are moderated. if you have a questions about either one, please post it in the appropriate forum. there's tons of information on MTS2 that can help you get through your problems. thanks.

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    took a few refreshes, but it worked w/o a hitch!

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Sims 2 links

September 29th, 2005 by daysies

Greetings from Mt. Geneva (Jen’s stories alone will get you addicted to The Sims 2)
Deception Pass (other Sims 2 ramblings is here)
Worlds Apart
Sim-ulated Reality (other Sims 2 ramblings is here)

My SimPage

all purpose resources
The Sims 2 (official site)
The Sims 2 (official site UK)

Snooty Sims (i always check this site first for the latest Sims 2 news)
Infinite Sims (another news site chock full o’ stuff)

The Sims 2 for PC at Gamespot

custom content
Sims 2 Community Finds
Parsimonious’ Sims 2 Finds

11 Dots
4 Ever Simfantasy
All About Style
Around the Sims 2
Exnem Sims
Holy Simoly (home of my favorite chair mesh: Arizona Lounge Suite)
lliella sims2 (”everyday fashion for your sims”)
Lyran 2.0 (no longer updated)
Pixel Sims
Rensim (genetics and more)
RoseSims2 (beautiful makeup)
SIMcredible! Designs (high quality meshes & textures)
Sims 2 Play
Sims Connection (home of Janna’s fabulous hair)
The Sims 2 Resource
The Strawberry Patch (”Kids’ fashion for the Sims 2″)
Wood for Sims 2
XM Sims 2 (beautiful hair meshes)

hacks & mods & tools
Mod the Sims 2 (i’m an moderator administrator there! - as of 15th August 2006 inactive moderator - as of December 2007)
Sims 2 Community (this is MTS2’s social forum)

SimPE (you can’t mod without it)
CEP (this enables recolouring options of Maxis objects)
Delphy’s Download Organiser (DDO) (THE BEST download organizer ever - detects hacks, detects orphan packages - FIRST OF ITS KIND!)
Multi-Sims2Pack Installer (another tool from Delphy, to help install multiple .sims2pack files - like walls, floors, and Sims - do not use with lots)
Sims2Pack Clean Installer (the first tool to clean your hacks and organize your downloads - i’d use this to install lots or repack .sims2pack files for upload)

Sims 2 Filename Database (database of creator’s filename prefixes)

Sims 2 Movies
sims99 (my favorite Sims 2 movie site - it’s got a HUGE archive) (another Sims 2 movie archive site)
Atlas Productionz (home of The Awakening series) (home of Adventures in Dating series)
SimsPremiere (home of some of the best Sims 2 vidders)
The Hangout (home of my favorite movie makers)
Sim Movies by Jaydee (home of Sk8ter Boi and Not Another Nightlife Movie)